Blog Post 1.0

  1. What is Informatics?    Informatics is a field designed to study technologies that do not yet exist.
  2. What do you hope to gain from this class?   From this class I hope to develop a great understanding of basic computer usage, social media, and programming.


  3. What has the bigger influence; society or technology? Why? I believe that Technology has the bigger influence. Just a few people usually end up developing the technology and when it is released into society it tends to have an influence on people. Most don’t know they want certain technologies until after it is available.
  4. What will be your future role with technology?  Hopefully, my future role in technology will be to help develop new technologies before people realize that they want or need them.

About i101akarn

Greetings, My name is Andrew Karn and I am a freshman at IUPUI studying informatics. I graduated in 2007 and this is my first time back to school after a 5 year break. Not much of a blogger so looks like we may be in for a little adventure. Originally I was planning to go somewhere into the culinary field , but never actually attended a university. I did however spend the past 6+ years working in 2 of the best restaurants in Indiana. After my years in the kitchen I ultimately decided that it just wasn't what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. So back to school I go! Now that I'm 24 and married it seems a little awkard and out of the "norm", but technology has always been one of my top interests and I can't wait to get elbow deep in informatics. Also after viewing the WordPress website, I'm starting to feel like this could start to become more than just an assignment.

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