Websites worth visiting.



Live journal focuses mostly on everyday blogging.


Tumblr is a very popular photo blogging site.


Edublogs is a free educational blogging website designed for a professor and student way to communicate outside of the class room.



Compares all kinds of tech from software to hardware.


A great site for looking up reviews for recently released tech items like smartphones, computers, T.V.’s and video games.


Specializes mostly in cellphone reviews and comparisons. Also gives details on phones yet to be released.



Not sure if people really still use yahoo has a search engine anymore but, it does still turn out to be a pretty reliable news source.


I think most people look past the MSN homepage but it is full of tons of interesting articles


Every hit the news tab at without typing in a search? Brings you knew in chronological order.



Streaming music website that let’s you create a profile and keep track of what you listen to. It is either owned or partnered with Microsoft so you can find it on Xbox’s and Windows phones for free. There are subscription fee’s for other mobile users. Many sites like this don’t require a subscription and just have it as an option. Last.Fm out performs all of those services in my opinion and it also syncs with a media player call Songbird to show even better representation of what you listen to with your profile.


One of my favorite websites to read quotes and kill time. Takes a certain kind of humor as well as a good understanding of internet social groups and chats.




About i101akarn

Greetings, My name is Andrew Karn and I am a freshman at IUPUI studying informatics. I graduated in 2007 and this is my first time back to school after a 5 year break. Not much of a blogger so looks like we may be in for a little adventure. Originally I was planning to go somewhere into the culinary field , but never actually attended a university. I did however spend the past 6+ years working in 2 of the best restaurants in Indiana. After my years in the kitchen I ultimately decided that it just wasn't what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. So back to school I go! Now that I'm 24 and married it seems a little awkard and out of the "norm", but technology has always been one of my top interests and I can't wait to get elbow deep in informatics. Also after viewing the WordPress website, I'm starting to feel like this could start to become more than just an assignment.

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