Information and Why It Is Important To Us

     Information is everything and everywhere and it is a way of telling us things that we do not already know. It also comes in all shapes and sizes, both literally and figuratively. Any data, instructions, or news can be seen as a type of information. As well as coming in all shapes and sizes some information carries a greater weight of importance for both the senders and the receivers.Information may not always be perceived by people the same when it comes to importance, however there are a few essential properties that information needs in order to be meaningful.

The first thing information requires to be meaningful is clarity. Information can be damaged over time or mistakes can be made which can cause things to be very unclear. Missing words or entire sentences out of phrases could make things very confusing and potentially dangerous in the case of emergency. For example, if my friend sends me a text that says ” eat my pizza in the fridge” ,when the message was intended to say DON’T eat my pizza in the fridge, the message is interpreted entirely different. A worse situation could be an instruction label missing from a fire extinguisher. Information must easy able to sort through and read.

In order to be meaningful, information should also be accurate. If the information is false then it is also useless, inconvenient or even dangerous. For example, if somebody gives you directions somewhere, and the directions are inaccurate,you most likely will not reach your intended destination. Another example would be if a box for a motherboard says that it needs and certain size power supply, but it turns out that the label is incorrect and it requires a larger one.

Finally information should be up to date. Information is no good to us if it is too old to matter. A very common example of this can be found in map applications. Many people rely on their phones and their map applications. However it seems to be common place for these maps to not be up to date. This results in people arriving in a destination only to find that the establishment they wished to visit, is no longer here or has been closed down. This could also be seen in things like tutorials. If the tutorial is for an older version of the software it may not provide the same results you were looking to achieve.

Information is everywhere and how we learn things in our lives whether it is conveyed by voice or written down. Almost all information is meaningful even if we do not realize that it is at the time. However it is not nearly as useful if the information is not clear, inaccurate, or out of date. Computers help make these things easier to achieve. Computers allow an infinite number of people to access the information at one time as well as edit it, correct it, and keep it up to date. A great example of this is Wikipedia. Wikipedia can be accessed by people all around the globe and is a great database. Although it is very accessible the information gathered here is not always correct, which is why many teachers do not allow it to be used as a source. Any one can post things they want on any topic and it can sometimes take a long time before somebody notices that the information given is incorrect. This video is another example of how misinformation effects us.


About i101akarn

Greetings, My name is Andrew Karn and I am a freshman at IUPUI studying informatics. I graduated in 2007 and this is my first time back to school after a 5 year break. Not much of a blogger so looks like we may be in for a little adventure. Originally I was planning to go somewhere into the culinary field , but never actually attended a university. I did however spend the past 6+ years working in 2 of the best restaurants in Indiana. After my years in the kitchen I ultimately decided that it just wasn't what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. So back to school I go! Now that I'm 24 and married it seems a little awkard and out of the "norm", but technology has always been one of my top interests and I can't wait to get elbow deep in informatics. Also after viewing the WordPress website, I'm starting to feel like this could start to become more than just an assignment.

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